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Academics First . . . . . . . .


                      16 YRS (2000-2016)

"MEC Institute"  was founded in Year 2000 with the aim of Motivating students to be more Efficient, so as to face academic  Challenges.

Our motto is :  Academics First . . . . . . . .

By academic we mean, “Pertaining to the Development of the Mind”.

Education is the biggest tool for Academics. In today’s world, education encompasses many aspects aimed at Wholesome Development of individual.

We at MEC Institute, strongly believe that a Curious Mind is the favorite abode of learning. Curiosity is a  form of Intrinsic Motivation. Our entire teaching methodology is built around this scientifically proven concept. Our Pedagogy is based on fact that learning occurs most effectively when Experts(teachers) and Novices(students) Work Together for a common goal.

Our highly experienced, confident & approachable faculty designs instructional activities requiring Active Participation of Students. Lectures are so designed that students are encouraged and guided to constantly ask questions which lead them to Their Goals.

During our course of teaching, our instructors ensure Conceptual Understanding. They provide various tips to students which lead to Better Retention and finally a Wonderful Presentation.

All requisite tools like Faster and Correct Calculations, Understanding importance of Value Points and techniques to Memorize & Retain, are integral part of our Teaching Methodology.Additionally every year we organize few Career Counseling Sessions, helping students to understand their inherent abilities and selecting a stream according to that.

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